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Being of Power I

"A Leadership Program that breaks through the barriers of your past"

Have you hit a plateau in regard to your personal growth? Are you feeling “stuck” physically, mentally and spiritually? Do you feel the need to disrupt the drift of your everyday life, yet are uncertain on how to move forward? If so, then keep on reading because our✨NEW week-long program is your next step to greater growth!

Alice and I are beyond excited to announce this 50 hour program based on the book, BEING OF POWER, by Baron Baptise and we sincerely hope you will join us in June! Let's grow stronger together! Inga & Alice BEING OF POWER I A LEADERSHIP PROGRAM THAT BREAKS THROUGH THE BARRIERS OF YOUR PAST. The life maps we start out with are mostly handed down to us from our parents and our culture. We “inherit” these maps and live within the confines of a “story” that is not our own but a distorted version of the truth. When we accept things as “that’s just the way things are” we are imprisoned by the “past” and our lives are no longer creative and powerful. When we can see our past as “just the past” and not the TRUTH, we can begin to

create a new life; a life that is really our own, full of possibility, vitality and power. In this 6 day intensive program, we will investigate what stories from our past, either inherited and/or created by us personally, keep us from living authentically and in the moment. Through the practices and techniques of Baptiste yoga, Physical Asana, Meditation and Self Inquiry, you will be given tools that will support you in living powerfully as a moment to moment experience and access to a whole new way of being.

Dates: June 5 -10th Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: kl. 8:00 - 17:00 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: kl. 8:00 – 16:00 Daily: Yoga practice, Meditations and Inquiry work. YACP: 50 hours (credits YA) Cost: 159.000 kr. / Members 149.900 kr. Earlybird: 139.000 kr. (before May 1st) Entry level: All Levels - anyone interested in personal growth through the practices and techniques of Yoga. Included: - The book "Being of Power" by Baron Baptiste - 30 minute private coaching session with a leader of the program. Location: Holtasmári 1, 201 Kópavogur *Limited spots *This program will be taught in English Teachers: Inga Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir: 10 years experience teaching Baptiste Power Yoga. Certified 750 Hour Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and E-RYT. Certified Yin Yoga Teacher.

Alice Riccardi: 22 years experience teaching Baptiste Power Yoga. Certified 500 Hour Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and E-RYT. Certified Yin Yoga Teacher. Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Sign up with Early Bird discount: HERE .


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