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Mindful Living with Mike Murdoch

Laugardaginn 10. september kl. 13:00-17:00.

Living with purpose, clarity and intention can impact your life and health in profound ways.

The problem is, most people have no idea where to start.

Living Mindfully is a workshop designed to meet everyone where they are.

With some curiosity and a healthy dose of self-compassion let’s work together to find YOUR personal path towards optimal physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Join Mike Murdoch, Cordon Bleu trained Plant-Based Chef and Culinary Nutrition Expert, for this 4-hour workshop to build and integrate NEW relationships with your body and mind.


Explore plant-based eating and how to shop for and incorporate responsible animal products.

Learn about gut health and inflammation and how it affects your health.

Explore the profound importance of good sleep and how to improve your sleep quality.

Gain a deeper understanding of why movement and hydration is vital to your health.

Basic knowledge about environmental impact? 

Learn about the profound importance of mindfulness? 

Gain valuable tools to help shift your perspective and find balance.

You will walk away knowing the importance of self compassion when making changes in your life.

With some wisdom of where to start you will leave with a new vision of what is possible.

We will meditate and there will be a break half-way through the workshop (we don't expect you to sit for 4-hours straight) with some delicious plant-based snacks!

Read more about Mike Murdoch, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, Cordon Bleu Chef and Nutrition Expert here.

See and read more about Mike Murdoch, certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher here:

Gestir verð : 13.900kr Skráning hér

Korthafar verð : 11.900kr Skráning í Glofox appinu

Tímasetning: 10. september kl. 13:00 - 17:00

Kennari: Mike Murdoch viðurkenndur Baptiste Yoga kennari


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